How would you account for the failure of the transatlantic trade and investment partnership?

  1. The assignment must include a complete and authentic bibliography. If you do not provide a bibliography you will lose marks and your assignment will not be marked until one is provided. Ensure that all titles of work cited in the Bibliography are given in English.


  1. The assignment must be fully referenced using the Harvard style. This means that every time you quote an author or a text or use figures and graphs taken from texts, you must indicate this by using referencing at the back of your assignment. Please note that you will be penalised for excessive quoting. Your essay should not appear as a collection of quotes but one reflecting your answer to a question. This means using references and quotes where appropriate.


You will find detailed instructions on how to produce a bibliography and how to reference accurately on Blackboard.  The library session at the end of October are intended for you to learn and acquire this skill.


  1. An official and completed University front sheet must accompany the assignment.


  1. It must be submitted on the date as stated in the course calendar. Failure to comply with this instruction, without mitigating circumstances, will result in a reduced grade.


  1. Please take note of the University’s regulations with respect to dishonest means and plagiarism.


  1. Credit will be given to students who relate their argument to the effects of policy on business where appropriate.


  1. In assessing your work, tutors are guided by the following general criteria:


  1. First class (70): Analytical throughout. Strong and thorough focus on the question. Development of own ideas based on a wide range of literature and sources that have been critically analysed and assessed. Must be properly referenced and sourced. Demonstration of ability to set answer within a broader context and use of pertinent examples where appropriate to demonstrate more general principles. A well-integrated, logically argued, internally consistent piece of work.


  1. Upper second (sixties): Significant evidence of wider reading and clear identification of problems raised by the question. Critical discussion of most key areas of the question that makes good use of the literature.
  2. The assignment must be in typed form, single sided and use 5 line spacing.



Answer 1 of the ESSAY questions below following the instructions in the next section.

  1. How would you account for the failure of the transatlantic trade and investment partnership? To what extent do theories of protectionism help explain the recent rise in negative sentiment towards this agreement in the countries concerned?.


  1. Assess the opportunities and threats that may arise from UK firms being no longer able to access the European Single market as a possible result of the Brexit negociations.


  1. Show with reference to two case company examples, under what conditions merger activity may be the best form of entering an emerging market of your choice.


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