A Media Release

A Media Release

Business Communication and Context G

This project addresses topics in Week 6 of the course including:
Media communications (BE)
Media relations(JC)
Public Communication (BE)

Task: A Media Release

You are the Public Relations manager for Audi Australia;
AUDI has recently released the new A4 range of cars.

Prepare a press release (max 1 Page) announcing this product and identify at least 5 publications in Australia and contacts at those publications (max 1 page) for this release.

Format: Submit as a word document

Length: Total no more than 2 x A4 pages;
1page Press Release, 1 page for contacts

Font and text size: Arial, 12 point, single spacing

Background and resources :

The company has had some issues recently with emission control software, with product recalls and ongoing issues with government regulators and customers.

This new range of cars needs to be successful to overcome some of these market issues.

Information about the new range can be found on the AUDI website:


Some early reviews could also be useful in framing this new press release and media campaign for Australian customers.



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