Academic Preparation

Academic Preparation

This task requires you to do a literature search, based on a topic of your own choice but related to the overall programme of study, e.g. a dissertation topic. You must then critically review two articles of research that you find. One of them must be of a qualitative research type and the other must be based on a qualitative analysis. The easiest way to find these articles is to use the library databases and search for peer reviewed articles. You are writing one report based on at least two articles. The aim of the report is to show that you understand the differences between these two methods. Therefore you will be introducing a topic and discussing the differences in concepts such as validity and reliability, perhaps replicability if someone else was to repeat the studies that you discuss.

The articles I would like you to research is around Depression and around person-centered care effective in treating mental health problems such as depression. Basically any two articles around this please.

Notes for when producing work:-

This is not a research methods course and the aim of your report is not to review the methodology. It is to critical analyse the contribution a study has made to the topic of your choice, using either qualitative or quantitative methods and whether it is a valid study giving all you know about each method. This is what you are criticising. You do not need to give account of how you found the articles or any systematic review information. You do not have the space to do all of this. Try and write more concisely – get to the point.

Try and be more consistent in your reference list. Let your writing be clear, simple and let it flow. Let the reader understand you.

Second work:-Reflective evaluation 500 words. Begin on a different page under the same document. Don’t forget to title it as ‘Reflective Evaluation.
Instructions for when producing the Reflection evaluation.

This is an individual piece of work that you reflect on your own learning. What you did well, what can you improve on, what are your weaknesses and how will you improve on these in the future so that you can improve your skill base.

1. Write in a personal standpoint of view.
for instance tell a bit of the experience of what you used to help you produce your work such as:-
Library, the online Library, mindmapping
and Usage of EBSCO database

2. I have a document called Reflection and critical reflection.

I would write this myself however the writing style needs to be the same throughout. So either way I will add more to it. I need you to mainly get the first one on point.

Please refer to the handbook if you need further instructions.
I have also attached other documents to help you produce it. Thanks

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