Acting as HR consultant was called in to help Sam and Bobbi deal with the ‘older worker’ problem, produce a HR plan

Downsizing tactics and their implications

Critically analyse the current the implications if the company were to adopt the plan suggested by Sam and Bobbi – Critically evaluate downsizing tactics and their implications – Provide suggestions on the various alternatives to downsizing – Provide a HR plan to address the future HR needs, including building employer’s brand for Silvertail, training, career management etc of cabin crew etc.

The maximum word count for the assignment is 3,000 words (you should aim to finish +/- 10% of this word count). – Assignment 2 must be typed, be well presented and written in an academic style with appropriate headings (introduction, main body, conclusion, bibliography, plagiarism certificate). Please ensure you pay sufficient attention to the introduction and conclusion (they should each be approximately 10% of the word count for the assignment). – 12 Font Size, Times New Roman or Arial, 1.5 line spacing. – Pages must be numbered. – Important: The incorporation of references from the literature should be a key aspect of this assignment and the literature should be used to support all ideas and points put forward throughout your assignment (I would not expect to see paragraphs without references!). The literature should help to inform the content of your assignment. Any idea, theme, or argument that you have found in the literature and used in your essay must be cited within the text.

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