Black Women in Early Black Religion

The research term paper will be an analytical essay of black women in early black religion, specifically and only on Amanda Smith, Maria W. Stewart, Jarena Lee, Zilpha Elaw, and Julia Foote. The essay must focus on three books selected from the research book list (I attached a file with the names of my 3 chosen books that act as references to the research material on these women – additional references/resources (web, books, articles) can be used as well but need to be cited). I also attached an additional file that has links to the books you will need to browse to gather information of these women and answer the guidelines on the instructions I am uploading as well. At the end please make sure to say why/how this topic relates to class material, in which you can do so by looking at the lecture slides I am uploading as well that are relevant/related. I was only able to get the full text of just one book and sample pages of the other two. Please read each of the additional documents that I am uploading and if you need any clarification or have questions on the books or directions, please call me.

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