Briefly explain why you have taken a course in technical writing

Compare four different examples of technical writing in terms of ‘accuracy’, ‘clarity’, ‘conciseness’, ‘appropriateness to the audience’, ‘jargon used’, and ‘presentation’.


You may find different examples of technical writing in any of the following situations:

– In popular magazines or newspapers (e.g. motoring reports, articles on scientific issues);

– In reports (perhaps from local government authorities, or consultants). You may access reports through a local library, or perhaps on the internet;

– Brochures;

– Manuals (e.g. supplied with electrical equipment you have purchased).





  1. Briefly explain why you have taken a course in technical writing.


  1. Have you ever written a technical document before? If so, please provide a brief example of your writing. If not, what sort of technical writing do you think you would like to specialise in?

 (Note for the WRITER, I have not written a technical writing document before- you can choose what ‘I would like to specialise in’, something creative perhaps.)



  1. Find an example of technical writing which you consider poor.

A.Explain why you found the writing poor and

B.What could be done to improve it. (It may be ambiguous, use of poor English, be difficult to understand or be presented poorly.)


  1. List five technical documents you have glanced at or read in the last week. These can include domestic as well as professional documentation.

A.Briefly describe each and then,

B.Discuss why the format, style and language used in each document might have been selected.


  1. Write two paragraphs, each describing a product of your choice (e.g. a computer; a bicycle; a house).

A.-In the first paragraph, describe the product in terms of functionality.
B.-In the second paragraph describe the product in terms of appearance.


C.-Which paragraph do you feel uses more precise language? (Give specific examples).

D.-Why do you think you used more precise language in that paragraph?





Other Detail

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