Common root causes of medication errors

Common root causes of medication errors

Chapter 7: 1. Describe the general workflow associates with health care provider’s examination 2. Describe the purpose and content of the growth Chart 3. Explain why graphing capability is seen as a basic functional criterion for an ambulatory EHR Chapter 8: 1. What type of software applications are common components of an electronic practice-management system (PMS)? 2. How does an EHR system integrated with a practice management system contribute to implementing a treatment plan? 3. How are the details of a diagnostic or treatment order captured within an EHR?

Chapter 9:

1. What are the common root causes of medication errors and how can an HER system eliminates these causes? 2. What patient-specific data should be readily accessible to a healthcare provider for assuming correct medication decisions for a patient? 3. What alternative actions can a health care provider take when a medication alert is trigerred within an HER?

Chapter 10: 1. In which areas have Meaningful use criteria been written? 2. What methods/formats are used by providers to communicate with patients? 3. What special precautions must be taken when contacting patient’s by email? Chapter 11: 1. What is a classification system and nomenclature? 2. What 4 groups are responsible for providing recommendations for updates of ICD in USA? 3. What advantages does computer assisted coding have over an encoder? Chapter 12: 1. Describe briefly Clinical Research Focus and Steps 2. Describe the impact of Research participation on patient’s EHR in relation to patient identification, patient care documentation, reimbursement for care, and sharing of patient participant information? Chapter 13: 1. Define personal health Record (PHR) 2. List a variety of data category and elements from AHIMA.

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