Compare the health care systems of U.K and Norway

Compare health care systems of U.K and Norway

Compare the health care systems of U.K and Norway by answering these four questions:

1. Place both countries within the three worlds of welfare capitalism. (300- 500 words)

2. Try to assess if the health care system of each particular country corresponds with the overall direction of the particular welfare state system. (1000 words)

3. Try to work out the advantages and disadvantages of both health care systems by comparing the health care systems in terms of: – cost, access, choice and waiting period for patients. Building on these four indicators state clearly which health care system seems to be more efficient. (2000 – 3000 words)

4. Reason which health care system is “fairer” – ground your answer on your own opinion but base it on different ethic theories (e.g. libertarian view, social democratic view and so on) and still support it with evidence and facts. (1000-2000 words)

– You should use the attached literature and you should complement it with your individual literature if necessary.

– You should make sure to take all points of the question(s) into account and pay tribute to every point and every question.

– Very important: Provide points of evidence: data, statistics which support your writing

Please keep within the range of word count for each question.

You will find all definitions in the attached files, and data is provided in

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