critical evaluation of a foreign market selection and entry strategy process of a company

Produce a 2000 word portfolio, written in report style & appending relevant evidence, which provides a critical evaluation of a foreign market selection and entry strategy process of a company of your choice within the last 2 years.


• Introduce your portfolio report – Select a company which has recently entered a new international market; briefly identify the choice of market entry method it used to gain access to that new market; identify (not justify) the target market.
• Using credible secondary research and applying relevant theoretical underpinnings critically analyse the target country’s marketing environment (e.g. opportunities/levels of risk) to justify why that country, and target market, may have been selected.
• Critically evaluate the issues which may have impacted upon the choice of market entry method
• Conclude – stating if this was the best entry method to use in light of what is discussed in the report.
• Use credible secondary research and apply and critically evaluate relevant theoretical underpinnings
Specific Criteria / Guidance

? Knowledge and understanding of issues (and risks) within the Company’s contemporary international marketing environment (30%)
? Knowledge and understanding of the range of issues impacting on market entry decisions (30%)
? Ability to critically evaluate and demonstrate evidence of wider academic reading and research into current global market environment issues and market entry strategy (20%)
? Referencing – quality of APA referencing throughout; use & application of a range of sources (10%)
? Quality & Presentation of written work –Report format: (numbered subheadings, introduction, conclusion, recommendations, page numbers)? (5%)
? Level of communication (spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax) (5%)

Please refer to the individual RUBRIC marking criteria relating to this assessment below:

Key Resources/Reading

A full list of recommended reading is outlined in the Module Handbook, found on the Moodle page.

Check the Moodle space for:
– Twitter feed for current news articles and industry related content
– Relevant academic journals (e.g. check weekly topics for additional recommended reading)
– Online news sites (e.g BBC News;)
– updated online resources & e-journals (check the library catalogue) – e.g.

• Advances in International Marketing
• Direct marketing: An International Journal
• European Journal of Marketing International
• International Journal of Service Industry Management
• International Marketing Review

– Relevant practitioner sources (e.g. Marketing Weekly; The Economist; Retail Week, etc.)
– Key texts:
• Doole, I and Lowe, R (2012), International Marketing Strategy, 6th Edition, Cengage
• Kotabe & Helson (2011) Global Marketing Mangement, 5e Wiley
• Ghauri, P. and Cateora, P.(2014) International Marketing, 4th Edition, McGraw-Hill


Please refer to the Assessment Guidance (on moodle page) for detailed information on: –
• Academic Malpractice
• APA Reference Guide
• Late Work Penalties
• Excess word count penalties
• University Generic Marking Criteria

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with the above as failure to do this may impact on your achievement in this assessment.

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