Damaging trade war EU v. US v. China

Damaging trade war EU v. US v. China

– Discussion of damaging trade war – only case ever is the Great Depression when trade spiralled downward due to retaliatory protectionist policies; everything else are trade disputes, normal in a competitive global environment.

– Discussion of importance of EU, US and China as trade partners, highlighting the upward trend in trade volume, the relative insignificance of the trade under disputes

– Presentation and analysis of trade dispute cases – EU v. US – bananas, GMOs, hormone beef, steel, Airbus-Boeing, EU v China – shoes, bras, US v China – tyres etc stressing the way they have been resolved or are in the process of being solved

– This leads to the discussion of the importance of the WTO as arbiter of trade disputes

– Conclusions based on the possibility of damaging trade war happening

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