Damaging trade war EU v. US v. China

Damaging trade war EU v. US v. China

Discussion of damaging trade war – only case ever is the Great Depression when trade spiralled downward due to retaliatory protectionist policies; everything else are trade disputes, normal in a competitive global environment.

– Discussion of importance of EU, US and China as trade partners, highlighting the upward trend in trade volume, the relative insignificance of the trade under disputes

– Presentation and analysis of trade dispute cases – EU v. US – bananas, GMOs, hormone beef, steel, Airbus-Boeing, EU v China – shoes, bras, US v China – tyres etc stressing the way they have been resolved or are in the process of being solved

– This leads to the discussion of the importance of the WTO as arbiter of trade disputes

– Conclusions based on the possibility of damaging trade war happening

Needs to be APA style.
Along with book references please include web references as well.

Essay should be similar to a journal article. You will have read many of these as you have studied other modules. The suggested length is about 2,500 words, but this is only a general guideline. Some excellent essays have been less than this. I would ask you not to exceed 2750 words – it is important in business to convey your ideas concisely.

Do keep reviewing the essay question as you write your essay. You are asked to write an essay in answer to the question I put so do keep referring back to the title to check that you are doing this. Many people write about the topic in general rather than answer the specific question asked.

The essay should be well structured with an introduction that says what the question is all about and explains key terms. You then write a series of paragraphs in which you develop your analysis of the issue. By “succinct” and “analytical” I mean that you should not write generally and descriptively.

What I require is that you use the relevant theory (in the case of the essay about entrepreneurs it is Porter’s theory of national competitive advantage) to analyse the issue of entrepreneurs starting new businesses. You should go deeply into the key points – to use Porter’s 4 elements to evaluate the extent to which the US entrepreneurs have an advantage over the European ones or not. Remember that the entrepreneurs essay is about starting new businesses, so your examples need to focus on such examples and not to talk too much about large established firms.
You need to give examples / evidence to back up your statements and you need to cite your sources and list their references at the end. This is very important – essays that do not specify the sources of statistics / evidence and do not reference ideas will be penalised. It is essential that, if you use any material from the web, you put the paragraph in inverted commas and provide the reference. If you do not do this, I will consider it as plagiarism and you will be given a mark of zero. Check your citing skills by using our excellent software, PLATO (about referencing & plagiarism), available from Study Resources of UDo. https://plato.derby.ac.uk/start/

It is important to have a clear conclusion that is of sufficient length to sum up your views and to state briefly the main evidence that leads you to these conclusions. You can write with or without headings – whichever you are more comfortable with.

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