To what extent do you agree that management in the public sector is no different to management in the private sector?

Assessment Regime
The assessment regime comprises two parts:
i) An in-depth 4,000 word essay covering a question and topic raised and covered during the module.
This first part makes-up 90% of the overall mark. The submission time and date for the essay is yet to be determined but is likely to be at the beginning of January
Your essay should address any one of the questions listed in the Reading List below. You will see from this Reading List that for very week, one or two questions is set out, and you can choose any of these questions to address in your essay.
The objectives for this essay are as follows:
– To encourage you to process and use various types of source data material to develop an argument.
– To prompt you to develop clear and coherent arguments.
– To allow to you explore an issue in-depth.
– To help you develop your critical faculties through evaluating the material and data you use in your essay.
– To help ensure that you develop well-grounded and supported arguments
– To encourage analytical and conceptual precision.
The assessment criteria used will be the following:
– Focus on the question: Answering the question posed.
– Structure and coherence of the essay: Clearly and rationally presenting the issues to develop a strong and plausible argument.
– Coverage of the relevant literature: Drawing upon the relevant literature in addressing the issues.
– Clarity of the arguments: Displaying an appreciation of the concepts and issues involved
– Analytical and critical insight: Challenging and appraising the quality of the literature and available
– Well grounded: Supporting and giving substance to your arguments, and avoiding speculation, prescription and unsubstantiated views.

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