What facilitates effective online collaboration and organisation?

Effective online collaboration and organisation

Internet Collaboration and Organisation: Assignment 2: Essay

In Brief

This assignment is worth 45% of you final grade for the unit . It is due on Monday of Week 10 at 9.00am .

In 2500 words you are asked to write and essay in response to the question:

What facilitates effective online collaboration and organisation? You should illustrate your answer with at least two of the nine examples from Module 2. You should also use one or more of the theories of online collaboration and organisation explored in the course in Module 1.


In Detail

This question brings together the theories we explored in the course so far with the research we have conducted together in Module 2, it is a broad question and there are many approaches you could use to answer it. It will be marked as a formal academic essay.

Over the course of Module 2 you should spend about 25 hours on your study for this unit. Week 9 of the Study Period is devoted to reviewing and writing this essay. You should approach this essay like a research project, research and plan your topic, ideally making use of some of the research material collected in Assignment 1, then carefully construct your arguments.


Criteria for Assessment

Your assignment will be marked according to:

  • Present a clear and coherent argument
  • Engage the reader and effectively communicate
  • Engages critically and meaningfully with relevant unit readings
  • Selects and incorporates relevant secondary material
  • Follows conventions of referencing (APA), grammar and expression appropriate for an academic writing

Also review the unit outline regarding university policies around assessment.


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