Food addiction and Obesity

Food addiction and Obesity

Food addiction:
Obesity has increased dramatically….. some numbers in the world and
Food addiction behavior was linked to weight gain in obesity .
Internationally, Yale Food Addiction Scale (YFAS) have been used widely to sees this behavior.
In a study Kirrilly, et al (2015) found that 14.7% of 462 subjects (86% female and 73% normal weight) diagnosed as food addition. the % of FD in women more than in men in this study, p=0.01. FD also associated with higher BMI compare with those who had no FD p<0.001.

please use the systematic review on food addiction for Kirrilly, Pursey and Collins. I summaries the most relative papers to my order from this systematic review.

The aim of the current study are as follow:
1) The prevalence of food addiction in men and female participants
2) To describe the relationship between Food addiction and weight status (underweight, normal, …)
3) To investigate the relationship between macronutrients or Food items and food addition.
4) To compare between the food addiction prevalence in men and women if we have enough data.
5) To compere between Food addition prevalence in two different areas if we have enough data.
If We aim to two papers I think we can have:
• the first paper with aim one and 2.
• The second paper may be prevalence in women and food intake items
• Or number 5 if we have enough data.
The survey will be as follow
• Age
• Sex:
• Marital status
• Smoking status
• Weight and Hight (self-report)
• Dietary assessment ( to obtain data about food intake and then analysis it to macronutrients )
• Food addiction (Yale Food Addiction Survey) = 25 Q
• Physical activity Q
The criteria:
• Age ?19 years old
• Both men and women
• Currently not pregnant
• Only for our people or those who born in home
• Not having type 2 diabetes or CVD.

Statistical analysis:
Covariables are sex, age, smoking, physical activity and BMI.
Weight will classified to 1) underweight/normal weight and 2)overweight/ obese using the WHO BMI definition.
But what we need to think about the test for the study for example are we are going to use the t-test or liner regression
If the data normal distribution will use the mean and SD for describe the variables but what about if the data not normally distributed

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