Internship Reflective Paper Directions and Rubric

It is the goal of the ED S program to educate and prepare aspiring school leaders for the principalship. The purpose of the internship is to have an opportunity to practice one’s learning, apply theories, and gain knowledge from experts in the field. The Internship in LEAD 6135 is a field based experience with a focus on diversity.

Diversity is a broad topic and students are exposed to experiences that will enhance their respect, appreciation, and understanding of people who are different in the hopes that when they are leaders, they will be able to lead a diverse group of students, parents, teachers and stakeholders. Candidates reflect on their experiences in their own setting as well as in a different setting to write a reflective paper detailing their learning and future goals for growth.

Directions to Students
The culminating experience for this internship is a reflective paper detailing your learning. You are expected to document your activities in the form of a time log along with journaling your insights and reflections of your experiences, findings and thinking as it applies to the topic of diversity and review of literature. See the Internship Handbook for more information and responsibilities.

The Internship Final Paper should be in narrative form and follow APA format. It should include a summary of your entire internship experience, the ELCC Standards, your learning from the internship, and any artifacts created.

Introductory paragraph stating where the internship was done and who the mentor was
Diversity focus/theme
Cohesiveness of Internship experience
Reflection of the Internship including critical leadership lessons learned from the internship
Internship goals and levels of learning
Impact on Student Learning
Meet diverse needs of students
Internship requirements per ELCC
Concluding reflection paragraph stating what would have made the internship more meaningful and future goals for further development of leadership skills

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