Knowledge Audits for Business

Knowledge Audits for Business

Task description

In this task as in the course profile, you were asked to:

  • evaluate current business systems and processes,
  • propose improvements for the given case study,  and
  • demonstrating our analytical and modelling skills

When evaluating what the article, please carefully explore the context of business, the strategy, approaches and technological systems in discussion in the article. Try to find out and consider what went wrong, what solutions were provided, whether the suggested solutions and the methods used in obtaining the solutions are appropriate. Try to understand the business processes involved and what proposed solutions and insights the author has had so far.

The proposal of improvements for the given case study is easy if members in a team has been effectively providing critiques in the related e-Journals and e-Portfolio tasks so far. The critical part here is to suggest improvements to what you see have not been handled properly and need improvements. For example, your group can suggest the use of different people, resource, process, method, guidelines, leadership, etc. to make improvement for the case student.

Think of as a team, what you guys as business analysts have seen as how you as the future business analysts can use your knowledge and skills learned in this course Knowledge Audit and Business Analysis. Your analytical and modelling skills are to be demonstrated through your analysis results as well as the inclusions of modelling diagrams like mind mapping drawn using CMap, etc.

Assessment Criteria

The case study report will be presented in report format as per the details on the unit Moodle site. In addition, your report should also contain a title page, headers and footers, executive summary, introduction and summary of your evaluation.

Use headings and sub-headings as appropriate. Your report must include in-text citations and a correctly cited list of references by APA Style.

Feel free to discuss your ideas with your student colleagues on the unit discussion forum, before drawing your conclusions. Try to use pictures, diagrams, and charts in presenting your ideas.

Marking Criteria

Case Study Report – 30%

The Case Study Report will be marked out of 100 and then scaled to 30%.

Criteria and marks available:

  • Selection of articles and books – 10 marks
  • Content and argument – 60 marks
  • Executive summary, introduction and report summary – 10 marks
  • Communication skills – 10 marks
  • Referencing and formatting – 10 marks
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