planning and control of quality, human resources, procurement, communications and stakeholders for a project of your choice

Project Management


Write a description of the planning and control of quality, human resources, procurement, communications and stakeholders for a project of your choice.


This assignment will assess your understanding of the Project Integration, Project Quality Management, Project Human Resources Management, Project Procurement, Managing Communications and Stakeholders course topics.

Length and Presentation:

3,000 Words Maximum

Criteria by which your assignment will be marked:

This assignment will be assessed upon how well you are able to present a project plan that meets the requirement defined in the following;

A clear statement is required on the material you generated for the sake of this assignment and the work generated, by you or others, for the project.

The following is a list of areas that you should cover;

  1. Brief description of what the project is.
  2. Where is the project located?
  3. Who is the owner and sponsor (they may be the same organisation)?
  4. The name of the project manager.
  5. Your picture or vision of the project’s outcome.
  6. The phase of the project.
  7. Who is the client’s representative?
  8. Who are the stakeholders?
  9. Purpose of the project:
    – a description
    – the context of the project
    – the project’s history and background
    – implementation concept
    – technology
    – market place.
  10. The objectives:
    – scope
    – time
    – cost.
  11. Requirements to be satisfied.
  12. The roles and responsibilities of people.
  13. The benefits:
    – what we are trying to achieve
    – why we should implement the project.
  14. The value proposition for sponsor.
  15. Constraints and assumptions.
  16. The implementation strategy including Critical Success Factors (Targets, KPIs and Tolerances).
  17. Risks and treatment.
  18. How phases can facilitate delivery of future phases (particularly design or constructability).
  19. Work Breakdown Structure.
  20. The impact of the project on stakeholders.
  21. Milestones and an activity schedule.

Are there Enterprise Environmental Factors or Organisational Process Assets which can be used?

Plans for managing (Planning and monitoring & controlling IF AREAS NOT ALREADY COVERED ABOVE):






Human resources,


Procurement, and

Integration of these.

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