Athletic programs and teams

As one develops athletic programs and teams, one dreams and sets goals for conference championships, state championships, etc. Understanding now that coaches have a responsibility to develop the whole person, and the ability to grow leadership skills within student athletes, create a more global vision of those goals. As you stand on the podium with your team and fellow coaches to receive your state trophy, what kind of kids are on the stage with you? Who are they? How have they grown during the season? What kind of leaders have they evolved into? In reflecting on this goal, the state championship may not be a reality every year, but how you have developed the athletes can be! It is in your control. And the answers to the questions that were asked well they do not have to change simply because the number in the win column does. Compete? Yes! But ultimately compete with a bigger vision of what you can achieve with and for the student athletes you serve.

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style

Looking into the future, what are some of the positive outcomes that running a Leadership Council might have on the culture of the team/program/school that you are involved with right now?

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