The prevalence of demotic violence in Saudi Arabia

The prevalence of demotic violence in Saudi Arabia

This dissertation is a literature review base about children living in domestic violence environments in Saudi Arabia all point depend on researches.   The structure of the dissertation is as follows:

Chapter 1:

  • Definition of domestic violence (GLOBAL DEFINITION) and who it relation to laws and legislation and the culture of Saudi Arabia referring to research literature.
  • Domestic violence in Arabic countries generally, and then specifically in Saudi Arabia
  • Talk about prevalence of domestic violence in Saudi Arabia, and include reported cases of domestic violence (with statistic) and compare the regions with demotic violence and why it more than other (e.g. poverty, low education.)


  • Effect of domestic violence in children
  • How can domestic violence lead to child abuse
  • Define child abuse, and all its types (physical, sexual, neglect, psychological)
    • Talk about the most common type of child abuse within domestic violence in Saudi Arabia
  • Lifestyle in Saudi Arabia and how it can contribute to child abuse within domestic violence environment.
    • For example mothers neglecting their children due to domestic violence and depending on housemaids to take care of the children, which consequently may lead to neglecting and abusing children.



  • Laws and legislations in Saudi Arabia in regards to child abuse within domestic violence environment
  • How can culture become a barrier to reporting child abuse (in domestic environment) because of fear of disgrace and shame in conservative society
    • Which negatively impact rates of domestic violence and child abuse
    • Not imposing punishment on abusers due to not reporting, may have a negative impact on domestic violence.

Chapter 4

  • What are the risk factors that play a role in children’s exposure to domestic violence and abuse due to domestic violence
  • Ways to support and rehabilitate children undergoing domestic violence
  • Strength and weakness of the study
  • Conclusion

the important “:

1-research question

2- key point

3-what you need to discover or find out

4-key aspect (who many paper take about dissertation )

5-literature review – chapters-literature base dissertation from library –

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