Product and Pricing Strategy

Your term project is to select either an orphan brand or a potential product and draft a proposal for a launch of the product. Your paper is to include a description of target market, measurable objectives, description of the product (if an orphan brand, a discussion of why the brand died is appropriate) including source,  discussion of why the product will succeed with information supporting your analysis, pricing strategy,  and a promotional strategy for the launch, including a calendar and pricing. You may also identify an unserved niche or product category and develop a proposed product to fill that niche. Your are expected to all of the information required for the orphan brand as well as sourcing for that product.

The following are expected in your paper:  Cover page listing all members of your team, table of contents, Summary page, topic headings, contact information page, references and resources, bibliography (if needed), appendices.


A–Fully realized marketing strategy that a product manager could use with minimal revision Explanations are included as to why and why not your objectives, target markets and promotional selections were chosen. Rationale for the choice of this product. If an orphan product, reasons for its decline and why you think a relaunch would succeed. Complete calendar included for product launch  Discussion of how success of objectives will be measured. All promotional materials included. All expected components of the paper are included. No spelling or grammar errors. In text citations present

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