Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts

Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts

Part 1 (20 marks)
When presented with an individual who demonstrates problem behaviour, why is it useful to consider the function of that behaviour? Refer to published literature to support your answer.

Part 2 (50 marks)
Watch the video in the assessment folder on Moodle.
? Operationally define the problem behaviour
? Record Narrative ABC data on each instance of the problem behaviour
? Write a summary statement hypothesising the function of the problem behaviour

Part 3 (20 marks)
Outline an intervention that would be suitable for this problem behaviour. Provide a rationale for choosing this intervention with reference to relevant literature.

Part 4 (10 marks)
Using the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behaviour Analysts (BACB, 2016), identify three codes that are relevant to Registered Behaviour Technicians that should be considered in relation to this service-user.

PART (1)
It will be like a (MINI LITERATURE THING) you can write between (500-700) words N:B: (pleas look at this book (BEHAVIOUR SUPPORT WAS IMPROVED by O’NEIL
1. say why is it useful to consider the function.
2. Also use the BOOK (i wat e.tal) ols use it

1. I will attach a (VIDEO) that you will use for this part(PLEASE WATCH IT< IT IS IMPORTANT)
2. I will also attach (WEEK 5) handout for you to go t for this part (PLEASE ALSO PUT HEADING)
3. Please also use this book by O’NEIL , it is good for this part.
4. Please this part (carries a lot of marks, so should be done properly)
5. Attached also is the (ABC RECORDING FORM)

!. This part can be (500) words( please find a literature where there was an interaction for similar behaviour, find support for this interaction and rational must match the funtion.

1. Find (3 codes). say what they are. and e.g(this is going to be considered and why)
2. Say exactly what the (CODES) is and why it is relevant

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