Review of Criminal Justice System as it applies to young people

This assignment must meet Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3 & 4:
1. Critically understand precursors to offending, specifically in the context of youth crime, youth culture, victimisation and moral panic in the UK
2. Demonstrate a critical analysis of significant risk factors relating to gender and crime/ethnic minority youth and crime
3. Identify and critically debate childhood risk factors and the concept of risk-focused crime prevention, use the UK and compare to different countries
4. Distinguish between individual risk factors, such as intelligence, educational attainment, empathy, impulsivity, social skills and cognitive reasoning and family in the UK

Your work must be fully supported, referenced and meet the standard criteria expected of all written work as laid out in this module guide.

Use these areas for assignment
Biological Perspectives of Youth Crime
Sociological Perspectives of Crime
Psychological Perspectives of Youth Crime
Race, Ethnicity & Culturally Motivated Crime-
The Media, Subcultures & Moral Panics
Contemporary Crime – Children & The Internet
Multi-Agency Interventions in the CJS
Legislation, Policy & a Changing Criminal Justice System

Review of Criminal Justice System as it applies to young people. Review of existing research and evidence based forensic practice, introduction to relevant, valid and reliable literature, didactic and interactive teaching/learning, workshops, single case studies and statistical information. Child development, intelligence and personalities. Concept of crimogenic attitudes able to exploration of arguments about factors that may cause, or contribute, towards offending behaviour and to examine the implications for intervention services

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