Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for 5 minutes using the attached template. You will also have to access the links below to help you with the presentation/interview. Please see below details and agenda:
1- You will present for 5 minutes using only the attached template with the aid of below links; you must save it on a USB drive and bring it along with you.
After your presentation, the interview will start with the Recruiting Manager Mr. Jams for about 15 mins.

You are encouraged to read about the company from the links below to prepare your presentation:

Give a brief background about yourself
Give a brief background about your education
Give a brief background about your projects, if any
Give a brief background about your COOP, summer trainings or any work experience

What do you know about Schlumberger?

Why do you want this job in Schlumberger? What attracts you the most in working with us?

What challenges are you looking for in this Schlumberger position?

What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Why should we hire you in Schlumberger?

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