Scope of practice New Graduate RN’s


Scope of practice New Graduate RN’s (100 word)

  • Legal- define scope of practice in legal terms
  • Ethical
  • Professionl

Link to case study, Identify issues regarding scope of practice and link to definition above. (300 words)

  • Orientation
  • Supervision of EN/AIN
  • NG Tube
  • Decision making/ Planning care
  • Providing informed consent

Workload Management

  • Legal- award definition (100 words)
  • Ethical- Providing equal care (100 words)
  • Professional – refer to documents about workload (100 words)

Link issues in case study to above (300 words)

  • 7 patients
  • Other patients care
  • Supervision/delegate skills

Informed consent

  • Legal definition (100 words)
  • Ethical principles ( 100 words)
  • Professional responsibilities ensure adequate information to pt (100 Words)

Link issues in case study – rmo not attending- inadequate explanation to pt  (300 words)


Conclusion (250 words)

Need to use “Australian NSW Health Policies Reference is to be made to relevant NMBA Codes, Guidelines and Policies” I have listed some of them and u will need to find the rest.

Your report is to be supported by reference to contemporary, scholarly research, as well as to NSW Ministry of Health guidelines and policies. You should review the marking criteria so that you are clear on how marks are allocated to this assignment.

  • NSW health informed consent
  • NSW nurses association – reasonable workload toolkit award
  • AHPHRA- Nurse Competencies

Scope of practice

Supervision and delegation manual

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