Strategy for Management and Marketing

Strategy for Management and Marketing

Concerned by the legacies of the Great Recession and BREXIT, the Board of a Trans-National Company [TNC]** has asked you to demonstrate how the effective application of Strategic Thinking to both Management and Marketing could improve the strategic performance of such an organisation.

The Board has asked that you:

  • select an appropriate company as the focus for your critical evaluation and [whether or not that company is a TNC] to position both it and its key competitors on the framework in 13.5** – presenting your key research findings, via a Portfolio of Evidence [plus a short, strongly-focused, Executive Summary].
  • deliver a structured Portfolio of Evidence, whose sheets contain both detailed evidence and applied models/frameworks – that, collectively, underpin and focus your central argument(s) and overall “Payoff## .
  • emphasise the Critical Success Factors of your central argument(s) – and credible Recommendations
  • include a short, strongly-focused, Executive Summary – to enhance the reader’s understanding of your central argument(s) and overall “Payoff



No External Contact is permitted – please note that widely used cases with answers already on the internet will not be permitted, either.



NB The Board recognises that concepts of Strategic Thinking [for Management and Marketing] seem to have come to have multiple interpretations – recommending:

as, potentially, useful starting points for your research and for structuring any final Portfolio of Evidence – however, the Board does not wish to constrain your own final approach(es)







** using the definition of a TNC found at:

Johnson et al.  (2014)   “Exploring Strategy: Text & Cases”, 10th Ed., Harlow, FT/Prentice Hall, p.441 [available online via SSU Library Catalogue]

## per Solent Critical Thinking Method – in Succeed@Solent






Instructions for the Writer


1Please write about BMW Company


2- please include graphs and appendices


3-please write the executive summery of 2000 words in the end of the portfolio


4- Please include a lot of evidence.


Important information


  • Please Make sure you include s lot evidence, graphs to support the portfolio.


  • Please include 6 sheets of evidence in the assignment. With 2000 words of  executive summery.



Please write at least 2700 words at least


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