travel brochure template

travel brochure template

Your task is to choose a Canadian landmark/attraction, or an activity you may do somewhere in Canada (diving, climbing, hiking etc.), and make a small travel/tourist brochure about it. If you want to make one about an activity you should probably look at one specific spot where this activity is available.

What you should include:

Think about what information you would like such a brochure to include if you were the one reading it. It should include the important facts about the attraction/landmark/activity, opening hours (if there are any), ticket prices etc. (if availbable), pictures. The goal of travel brochures is to convince people that they should go there, so try to sell it as best as you can!

You will find huge amounts of templates (maler) on the internet which you may use as inspiration. Just google “travel brochure template”. It is also likely that you will find existing brochures about the most famous places in Canada, which you may also use as inspiration. Just remember that it is very easy to spot it if you have simply copied the text.

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