Ventria Bioscience and the Controversy Over Plant-Made Medicine

Ventria Bioscience and the Controversy Over Plant-Made Medicine

Instructions: Please read the instructions in their entirety before you begin writing your case. 

To be eligible for full credit:

  1. Please answer the questions below using complete sentences. The answers to subsequent questions require you to build upon your prior answers so be thorough. The assigned points reflect the difficulty and/or the amount of information that’s reasonably related to the question and/or should be used.
  2. Please do not write in a question/answer style. At this level, you must show your ability to take a problem, define the issues, develop the arguments and analysis, and synthesize all to a conclusion. This is a paper that should resemble such, using APA formatting style and a congruous flow between paragraphs.  Only identify the initial question or statement, not subparts.
  3. Please do not:
  4. Repeat the entire question in your answer. Use this space for your answers.
  5. Skip lines or include blank lines. Use these lines for your answers.

iii. Use bullet or lists. Write your answers in complete sentences.

iv. Exceed page limits.  Deductions:

  1. a) (100 pts) Failure to type. Hand written assignments will not be accepted, nor graded. b) (1-5 pts) Failure to type in Word (double-space, font size 12, Times Roman, 1 inch margins on  4 sides).   c) (1-5 pts) Failure to follow 1, 2, and 3 above in all parts of your answer (e.g. 1.a.). (1-5 pts).   d) (1-5 pts) Failure to name your file in the following format:    Your Name_Case Name_Part I or II_Prof. Simmons  e) (1-5 pts) Using more than 5 pages for PART I or 10 pages for PART II (do not resubmit Part I).   f) (1-5 pts) Failure to ‘spell-check’, ‘grammar-check’, and virus-check your submission.   g) (up to 100 pts) Lateness. Please see the schedule in the Welcome file.

PART I. Introduction and Environmental Analysis (35 points; 5 pages min. – 8 pages max.) 

It is done by yourself. I will attach the paper you did for me, you might use it in PART II.

PART II. Company Analysis and Recommendations (65 points; 12 pages max.) 

Part 2 is a separate and distinct paper from Part 1.  While you may use some of the information from your original analysis and writing, this section seeks a different and distinct evaluation of the organization.  You must determine what that is and present the information as depicted below.  Do not use bullets.  This paper gives you up to 12 pages to write a solid and significant argument that is graduate level critical analysis.  Do not write as you speak.  There is a formality to such papers and it is expected that you utilize presentation skills to make your arguments here.  The terms EVALUATE, DEVELOP and ANALYZE are key indicators of the level of critical thinking necessary to maximize grading for this assignment.

(20 pts.) 1.  Evaluate Ventria’s global corporate citizenship using each dimension (e.g. Citizenship    Content) of the five stage model discussed in your text and summarized in Figure 7.1.    Discuss each dimension separately to the extent possible to be eligible for full credit.

(25 pts.) 2.  Argue whether Ventria is an ethical company:

  1. (5 pts.) Using a utilitarian approach? Why or why not? b. (5 pts.) Using a rights approach? Why or why not?    c. (5 pts.) Using a justice approach? Why or why not?    d. (10 pts.) A recent study found more than 50% of senior business executives ranked    the Golden Rule and the Disclosure rule more highly than other ethical approaches. If you were a typical executive in this study, would you argue Ventria is ethical? Why or  why not?  (20 pts) 3.  Develop and analyze two (2) distinct options for Ventria, that if adopted, would improve Ventria in one or more of the following areas: stakeholder relations (e.g. with consumers, investors, etc.), global corporate citizenship, worker rights, ethics, or  consumer protection.
  2. (10 pts.) Present and evaluate your two options (in paragraph form). b. (10 pts.) Summarize the pros and cons of each option in a table after you have presented and evaluated them in a. Do not combine a and b to be eligible for full credit.
Option Pros Cons
Option 1 to … The pros are… The cons are…


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